Sunday, 31 January 2010

Have they made you welcome?

This week's prompts have been set by Hedgie and will take a bit of thinking about.
The first one is have they made you feel welcome. Well Claire after ignoring me for almost a year on her desk, has made me very welcome and Zoe is always asking to play with me, so I have been made very welcome - all except for James.
James just basically ignores me. I don't think he gets what all the fuss is about and doesn't understand the toy challenge at all. Claire had to beg to get this photo - he was making rude gestures and faces in all the other ones.


  1. I think James is toying with you Pamela. LOL
    By the end of the year he will be putty in your hands just like Clemmie and me.

  2. Pamela - you can't have all the men falling at your feet. You already have Jeffrey, Bongo, and Clemmie. Give it time - you always seem to be in a rush. Quack quack
    x Duckie

  3. James will come round Pamela, mind you I'm having trouble with Dione in our house.

  4. Darling I have the same problem with Peter, he really doesn't understand about this challenge with us toys this year.
    he keeps getting cross that I go out with them, I get really upset
    Well I really must watch some TV before I have a snooze
    Love you loads and please don't go to work with Claire tomorrow will you?
    Your Clemmie xx