Sunday, 24 January 2010

Who would I most like to meet?

Well this one is easy. I would dress up in my new evening dress and make sure that I look my best. The person I would most like to meet would be Pink of course as she is named after me! We would have so much in common as we are both so funky!


  1. Oh gosh Pamela I hope your head is better now? I think you and pink would get on really well hope you get to meet her but I can't wait to meet you at make it hun. Curly. xxx

  2. Oh Pamela I cannot make Make it so please don't get too friendly with Curly will you?
    Remember he already has the 'hots' for Bongo...I saw them cuddling the other day!!
    Never heard of Pink? Strange name LOL!!
    My love to you Clemmie xxx

  3. Pamela never heard of Pink either. Yellow is my best colour. Love the dress though.