Thursday, 7 January 2010

Wow slippery

Today I braved going into Claire's work again. I have made myself a promise not to go anywhere near Jeffery.
We haven't had much snow in Dorset but there is a still a bit lying around and Claire bet me that I could not ice skate. Well she is right - I can't ice skate as firstly, I don't have any ice skates and secondly, why would I need to? I am made of rubber, I could bounce pretty far on something so hard.
I thought I would go out and see what is all the fuss over this white stuff - seems to just cause issues for everyone. But then once I had carefully stepped into it, I had great fun sliding around in it. The untouched stuff is very beautiful. I just need auntie Lynne to send me my coat so I can stay a bit warmer - I don't want to get brittle, now do I?
Anyway I did see Jeffery but not to talk to. He was smooching up with his wife. I sneaked a quick piccie - look at her - she is positively dumpy. And I think my feet are big - look at her great big club feet!!! I cannot understand what he sees in her at all when he could have had me - an exotic raven haired beauty. And why has he got no top on. I think he must have been reading my blog and saw my entry about Post It Notes being so last year. He looks so silly - I mean topless when it is in minus figures outside! I - D - I - O - T!!!!!


  1. Oh yes, you need a coat - bit on the fresh side at the moment! Have to say Jeffery doesn't float my boat LOL

  2. To be honest Pamela I think you need to start looking elsewhere for a man, who in their right mind would go after someone who walks around with no top on and wears mini crocs in this weather.
    His wife might look a bit dumpy but from what I have heard having 3 children is not easy and can affect some ladies figures.
    My life is so uncomplicated compared to yours, all I have to worry about is being served up soup everyday for lunch!!!
    I am sure that there is a man out there for you, just waiting to feed you chocolates and champagne. All you need to do is find him.
    Maybe give the local ice rink a try you look pretty cute doing your dancing on ice impression!
    Love and warm hugs from

  3. OMG his nipples have turned black with no clothes on!!
    Pamela coat is on it's way but to be honest I am not sure if it isn't a tag too big :(
    I did cut a bit off the bottom and the arms but now wonder if the sleeves will be too short LOL!!
    Any way a nice pink and glittery scarf was included too
    Perhaps Jeffrey could do with it?

    Not usre what to make about wifey but he has made his bed and must lie in it!

    Plenty more fish in the sea, which Pamela means plenty more eligble men with clothes on!

  4. Don't look back Pamela, or sideways either, just look to the future, there is a man out there for you, the RIGHT man, with PINK nipples! Hope you get your coat soon, you look frozen, see I feel sorry for you, hope you will feel sorry for me in the summer when I can't take my coat off and be cool ( in temperature that is, not looks as I am handsome already!)

  5. I think this is getting silly - but it is making me chuckle!!!!

    Love Claire x

  6. Don't worry Pammie, she is a right minger, you on the other hand are a vision of loveliness! Keep your eyes open for someone with taste

  7. Oh Pamela you are sooo cool!