Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My evening routine

In the evening I like to come home and sit in front of the mirror with a glass of wine and brush my lovely lustrous hair. One hundred strokes every night.


  1. Perhaps 100 strokes a night might be a little too much - I hate to say it but aren't you going a little bit thin in the hair department? Quack

    PS I am taking your advice and I am not going near that pond again in case I get shaken to death!!!

  2. Pamela I think Duckie may be giving you some good advice perhaps 50 strokes a night might be better.
    You are lucky to have a glass of wine every night too.
    Shirley says I am too young to have wine but I think that is because she wants it all for herself!
    Love and hugs

  3. Pamela, of course we are firneds I'd hate you to think not ever! I'm just a dumbo ignore me. I love your dressing table(that's what mum said it's called) I don't brush my hair so no idea about how many strokes to do. Hope you carry on with the wine though I sneak that some times and love it. Only Rose though are you drinking white? Curly

  4. Pamela, take care of that hair, it could be your crowning glory! Wine, well I nearly fell in a glass of it once, but was quickly pulled away, have I missed something good here? Hedgie x

  5. Darling please don't brush your hair so much and next time you have a SP face the camera, please, just for me?
    Seems as though you have joined the ladies in the wine department, I really don't like it so sticking to my water with my bones
    your Clemmie xxx

  6. I agree with the others Pamela, I think maybe 100 brushes a night may be just a tad too much- you may end up having no hair to brush if you keep going at that rate, and that would be terrible!!!!