Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Best Personality Trait

I had to ask Claire for some advice on this today and most of the traits that she would use to describe were a bit negative such as naive, gullible, easily led, indecisive etc. I think she thinks this is due to the Jeffery situation.
Anyway we have decided my best trait is that I am very caring. I was just roller skating around Claire's office today and I bumped into this lovely little girl. We were having a little chat - she was asking about my skates. I asked where her Mummy and Daddy were as I was concerned about her wandering around by herself. And guess what, it turns out that it is Jeffery's little girl Bev and he had sent her out to talk to me. It was all a big set up.
So Claire is right - I am gullible.


  1. You are very caring Pamela but I agree with Claire about all your other traits too!
    At least this episode with Bev should make you realise once and for all what type of man that green haired Lothario Jeffery is.
    No man worth looking at would use his children like that!
    Be careful you never know what he might try next.

  2. Oh Pamela you are very caring and that is why I love you so much even though I have never met me you say such kind things, especially about my legs!
    Not sure what gullible means but I think you can be very easily lead and I think I will write to Claire and suggest that the office is not a very safe place for you anymore!
    My love always Clemmie xxx

  3. I think Claire may be right Pamela. You will have to think long and hard. Wonder what the other 2 children are like.