Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mind Games

As always I went to work with Claire today and sat waiting on her desk was a letter for me - from Jeffery.
I tore it open and read the contents. It was really quite awful and has left me feeling really very sad. He is playing mind games with me and I don't like it.
Here is what it said:

"Dear Pamela (c/o Claire V)
I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve gone away for a few days. I need to get my little yellow head together and decide what (& who) I want for good this time. I’ve decided I just want to settle down. I am getting bored of chasing skirt all the time. I know I am good looking and have a nice bendy body but I think the time has come for a life style change!
The last few weeks have been very confusing for me. Seeing you again has sparked a feeling in my loins which I can’t explain. I keep catching myself staring at you and trying to catch your attention. I do love my wife, Daisy, but there is something about you. Maybe it’s your lanky black thread hair or your puke green felt dress, I heard you had changed your outfit for a funky Rock Chick image which I think sounds sexy as hell. I don’t know what it is, but there is something between you and me and you know it. I have to say though, I am keeping up to date with what you are doing everyday on your blog, but the things you have said have been quite upsetting, so I need to just think everything through.
I have left the kids, Nev, Kev & Bev on Ali’s desk. I’m sure they’ll be fine and she’ll keep them in line, but I wondered if you could just keep an eye on them for me.
In case you’re wondering where I have gone I am staying with my brother, Jim Bob. He is letting me crash on his sofa until I feel ready to come back, but when I do I promise I will have made up my mind.
Love, (your hunky bendy love pest)



I hate to think that I have made him so sad but he has treated me so badly in the past that I know I must move on - but what happens if he decides that I am "the one"?


  1. Pamela, bin the letter and BIN HIM too! A lovely girl like you shouldn't be messed around, I'm sure there are plenty of men out there who will love and cherish you as you deserve! Don't let him make you sad, he has made his bed and must lie in it!
    This isn't my opinion as I didn't have a clue, I am far too young for such things, but I asked Nana for advice, she's a no nonsense sort of gal! Hedgie xxx
    PS you got an extra kiss tonight as you are so sad!

  2. Oh dear Pamela - what quandry. I haven't had any experience in love matters (being a very young duckling) but I think Nana may be right and you best forget him.
    Sending love and hugs Duckiex

  3. Oh Pamela a real dilemma, my mum says you should ditch him as he's far too interested in himself! I just think you look pretty in your new clothes and I don't want yo to be sad. Hugs Curly.

  4. Pamela please ignore the letter in fact tear it up in to tiny weeny pieces and bin it Mary says to tell you there are much better men out there who are not so selfish (what ever that is)
    lots and lots of luv and extra huggles

  5. My darling Pamela, tear that letter up immendiately and get on with this special year. Lynne says you will be depressed next then on anti depressants..... what ever they are but I think they sound nasty
    All my love as always, your Clemmie xxxx
    PS I love your funky outfit and but really love your leaf green dress, in fact I made Lynne print a photo of you in this and she has it on her craft room desk so I can see you when I am not blogging, wasn't that nice of her :)

  6. Pamela put the letter through the shredder.
    The only thing it is good for is making bedding for the animals at the Zoo!
    That Jeffery is up himself, he might be able to bend himself into alsorts of interesing positions but then so can alot of other men with much better morals than Jeffery boy!!!!
    I know that he has made you sad today but just think of the life you would have with him if he decides you are the one for him (for now).
    You would always be wondering if his loins were stirring in another diection and that would certainly put a strain on your relationship. Making you sad all the time.
    Just move on and don't give in to his emotional blackmail.
    I know I might only be a chimp but in the chimp world I am known as Oprah!!!
    Always ready to lend an hear but tell it as it is!!!