Monday, 11 January 2010

How pleased am I?

Wow you cannot believe how pleased I am today! And it is all thanks to my auntie Shirley and my good pal Bongo.
Today is Claire's birthday and so the last thing I expected was to get any presents in the post again. But when Claire opened her card from Shirley, inside was a little bag addressed to me. Look what was inside....
How funky are these? The card read "A little something for Pamela in case she needs to go out looking for a man! Love Bongo"
I tried them immediately. It was a little difficult to get out of my green dress as Claire had sewn it on me whilst I was wearing it, but I managed it - good job I am flexible!
Look at me now!!! What a hip and trendy, bendy I am!!!!

Thanks Shirley you have made my day Love Pamela x


  1. Ooooh, trendy chick (but I thought you were a doll)! Now I'm even more jealous that I don't wear those things called clothes! You are one lucky girl to get pressies like that! Hedgie x

  2. Wow Pamela, you look fantastic. Shirley is lovely isn't she. Monkey x

  3. So glad you like the outfit Pamela, Shirley has an eye for finding some trendy clothes for little toys. :) When we were out shopping together we spotted these and thought of you.XXXX Jeffery will be history now, you are bound to find some one else looking like that.
    Love and Hugs
    PS. I hope Claire is having a great birthday.

  4. Wow my darling how wonderful of Auntie Shirley and much nicer than that coat and very trendy too.
    I have stopped having tears in my eyes having seen that Claire is making you a book, she must care about you to be doing that, Lynne has been working on my book this afternoon whilst she watched TV
    Aren't our carers lovley?
    Feeling happy now after I read all that!
    now I am beginning to worry if jefferey will 'rear' his uggly head? I heard that word from Lynne,it means 'pop' up again. Gosh what strange words they say eh?
    Take care , love you lots Clemmie xxx

  5. Wow Pamela you look fantastic wish I had a need for clothes now.
    lots of luv Bungly

  6. So glad to see you have escaped from that bag Pamela. What a smart dress. I am sure you will turn a few heads now.

  7. Fabulous outfit Pamala, aunty Shirley is a real dear!!! Love Koala xx