Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hedgie's prompts

I am being very good and getting ahead of myself. Here are all of Hedgie's prompts:

Favourite TV Programme
My fave TV programme is FiFi and the Flowertots. Zoe loves watching it too. I love it because it is so bright and colourful and happy.
Favourite Cartoon Character
This is an easy one - I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I would love to go to Disneyland and I know so would Zoe, but Claire says it is very expensive! What a misery she is!!!
Favourite sport to watch
Rugby - I love watching those big muscly men running around in their tight shorts and Johnny Wilkinson is to die for.
Favourite sport to play
I love to rollerskate - it is such fun and good exercise too. It is how I stay so trim.
Carer's sport
Claire is into some weight loss thing and seems to exercising all the time - hence why I am being so neglected! Here are her new running trainers.
I could quite go off Hedgie. We found a boat and Claire thought I could sail round the bird bath but the minute she put me on the water I started to sink - do you know how cold that water is. If I get a cold, then I will blame Hedgie!!!
Easter Egg
I love chocolate and I was given this egg by Zoe after she did her Easter Egg hunt - isn't she kind?

Musicals catchup

We are 2 weeks behind on the prompts so we have had some photo shoots this morning and here goes for a mammoth catch up.

Mamma Mia
I don't have any family of my own but I found this beautiful lady who I would like to be my mum. Her hair is so long, silky and glossy and her skin is perfect.
Sister Act
And then I found this little girl who would make a perfect younger sister.
We all went to Costa yesterday afternoon and James and Zoe shared a bag of mini muffins. These two were left over - just for me maybe? Wicked!!!
Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang
I have found another car and this one comes with a chauffeur!
Dirty Dancing
I need to find myself a man and get out more. I love dancing and have put on my fave party dress. I need to get down and dirty soon before I go mad! Any offers?
We Will Rock You
This little pig knocks out some banging tunes and I love to dance around him.
I am having a bad hair day today and so need to wear a hat. No amount of hairspray is going to help me!