Tuesday, 19 January 2010

What is a girl to do?

Well I have spent the day pondering my predicament and I would like to thank my friends for the excellent advice that they have given me - except maybe from Curly as I think she has a hidden agenda and is trying to keep Bongo all to herself.
I know Jeffery deserves an answer but I want to take my time and make sure I make the right decision. And as Bongo says, he does have green hair. I need to think very carefully about what to do.
So I have decided to write him a letter so that he will understand how I am feeling:

Dear Jeffery

What a surprise your proposal was. I thought that when you chose Daisy and your kids over me, that that was it and I had to move on. My heart was broken into a million shards of plastic and I spent almost a year on Claire's desk unloved and neglected. But now she has given me a new lease of life and I am in for a very exciting year. If I said yes to you, what would happen to my year of adventure?I am making new friendships and I know a couple of them are interested in me romantically. Maybe I need to explore those possiblities further before I know I would be making the right decision regarding marrying you.

Your proposal was just the last thing I ever expected to happen. And seeing you in your tux makes me go weak at the knees. I love the roses - they are beautiful! You and I have spent many a happy hour together and it would be so easy to accept your marriage proposal and slip back into our old routine. However I am just so unsure. I am not sure that I want to take on Nev, Bev and Kev. I am not sure that I am cut out to be a step-mum to 3 four year olds. And what about Daisy? Doesn't she want to see her kids? How do I know that you won't go back to her again - after all she is the mother of your children. You will always have that unbreakable bond with her - even is she does have club feet.

It took me a long time to get over you leaving me and I do not think I can risk putting myself through that again? And what about your hair - after all it is green.

I think I need some more time to think things through and I really need you to prove to me that you are 100% serious about me and that if we were to get wed, that it would be forever. I need you to prove that your heart belongs to me and no-one else.

If you are serious about this proposal, then please accept that I need some time to think things over. I want you to know that I do still love you and I think that I always will but I must be sure that I am making the right decision.

Please give me to the end of the month and then I will give you my answer on the 1st February.

All my love, hugs and kisses

Pamela xxx


  1. I think you've done the right thing Pamela. I hope you come to the right decision. Monkey x

  2. Bravo Pamela, takes a brave woman to write from her heart, so Nana says! You deserve to have a year of fun before you commit to anything longterm! Hedgie x

  3. Well I suppose I will just have to wait and see what happens on the 1st February, thats if Jeffery keeps his distance for that long!
    I think you will have alot of thinking to do Pamela.
    Just remember having a clinging partner in tow could stop you enjoying many specila momnets with you new friend(s)XXXX
    Love and hugs

  4. Looks like my spelling is up the creek again tonight!!!!

  5. I think you are right Pamela, take your time about your decision.

    Love Koala xx

  6. Phew!!!!!.......... Pamela pleased with that letter, :) now we can get on with the rest of the month with that fellow out of the way
    Love you xxx Clemmie xx

  7. OOOH Pamela how cn you say that about me! I'm soooo hurt. I certainly want to keep Bongo to myself, I do like him very much, but it's purely platonic on my side! I just wanted you to be happy, if this is what makes you happy then that's great I'm sorry I'm such a young and naive lamb so I misunderstood. Curly.

  8. That is ok Curly. I am sure we can all be friends can't we? Sorry if I upset you.

    Love Pamela x

  9. I am glad you are taking some time to think this through but Mrs N says a week is not long enough to come to that sort of decision. Please take your time - we don't want you going off with Jeffrey and leaving us - we have only just met you. Quack quack.

  10. Pamela, you have done the right thing - take your time and make the right decision for you! Chris says it's fun being a single girl (though I think you're a girl and she's nearly an old lady, but don't tell her that!)
    Remember you have lots of friends who love you,