Sunday, 17 January 2010

My Creature Comforts

Who would believe I spent months lying unforgotten on Claire's desk at work? Look at me now. I have this beautiful mansion to live in. It is a bit draughty as there is no front to it and so not much privacy but beggers can't be choosers. I have my own bedroom with soft springy bed. I have a lounge and TV and a fully fitted kitchen and I even have my own bathroom complete with bath and toilet!
I have to share it with little Zoe and some of her dolls but I am top dog and what I say, goes!


  1. What lovely accommodation Pamela truly palatial

  2. Pamela - what a lovely house - just right for you.

  3. That's a flipping mansion, lucky you! Does look a bit draughty though! Hedgie x

  4. Pamela, you live in a Palace!!

    Love Koala x

  5. OMG Pamels it looks like you have won the lottery!!!
    Bed looks nice and comfy.LOL

  6. Wow Pamela I missed this post, how did I managed not to see where you live?
    I am quite sad because I realise that I maybe too big to fit in to your little house when I visit you?
    You are so lucky, no wonder Jeffrey wants to move in with his 3 children LOL!!
    Love always Clemmie xx