Saturday, 2 January 2010

Pamela's Hopes and Dreams

Hi me again!

Well Claire asked me what my hopes and dreams were and I had to think long and hard. I went upstairs to my bedroom and sat looking in the mirror and hoped that firstly I can get myself some new clothes as Post It Notes as so last year! I managed to find this very short dress but it is not really suitable for these cold months so I am hoping to go into town later to get some new clothes. You know what they say a new year, a new look!!! I definitely don't want to look too trampy!
I hope I will make some new friends this year, maybe even find true love and just basically have a lot of fun.


  1. Well done Pamela in setting up your own pad :)

    Shame about the shopping spree although a girl of your style should get her clothes especially tailored!!!

  2. So pleasd you persuded Claire to have your own blog. It is a long year and I think you need your own space :)
    Sorry about the shopping spree and I didn't get round to looking at a mac for you or boots for Clemmie today, I am afraid I just chilled out!!

  3. Hi Pamela so glad you have your own pad now. and I hear that Claire has made you a lovely dress so I look forward to seeing you in it.

  4. Pamela you are definately one classy lady so no trampy clothes for you ... designer labels a definate must.
    So pleased you have your own space too a girls needs a place to call her own. :o)