Saturday, 9 January 2010

What scared me today?

Well I was having an exploration around the house seeing as it is just too cold to go out and was in the kitchen. I thought I would have a sit down a while and watch James moving logs from the drive to the garage. Claire had gone out to do the Tesco shop and came in with lots of yummy food.
She came over to me and plonked down a big packet of round holey things. She took some out of the packet and put them into the big silver thing I was sitting against. After a while, I could smell something funny and I was starting to feel a bit hot across my back. It was then I realised in horror that I was melting! I ran for my life - literally!!!
I have decided to stay out of the kitchen as it is a dangerous place for a plastic person to be!


  1. Oh Pamela I do hope you are OK and not too burnt. {{{{{{huggles}}}}}}}} for you

  2. Oooh Pamela, that was a close one!!!

    I hope you are not too badly burn't xxx

  3. My goodness Pamela that was a close shave. You should have jumped in a cold bath quickly. Hope you don't have any ill effects.
    PS I am staying out of the kitchen too(see my blog).


  4. Pamela you really must becareful or your b*m will end up a very funny shape....maybe that's what has happened to Shirley's!!!!

  5. Lucky escape there! I know kitchens are dangerous, even for people!! Hedgie x

  6. I think the stuff that goes on in kitchens is of the same level of torture as DHW. I am steering clear of both. Hope you're OK, I did not enjoy my burning session on the radiator the other day! Monkey x

  7. Oh my! my darling Pamela, that was dreadful LOL (not sure what that means but Lynne uses LOL a lot)
    I have only watched soup being made the other day and didn't realise how dangerous a kitchen was. Lynne spends a lot of time there and I was going to join her one day but may be not now.
    Hope yopur plastic has recovered? If not I think anti biotics work on skin?? Lynne is taking them herself at the moment!
    Do take care , your admirer Clemmie xxx

  8. Goodness me Pamela, that was a lucky escape, I should stay out of the kitchen in future!