Friday, 8 January 2010

What have I learned today?

It is Claire's turn to do the prompts for the week and her first prompt is what have I learned today. Well let me tell you!
Today I have learned alot of things! I have learned that the little man in the little red van brings some fab things to the house. Today he bought a big padded envelope addressed to Claire and to Zoe. This meant that I also learned that there are some really lovely kind people out there as inside the envelope there were some lovely news clothes, a new coat, hat and scarf. Unfortunately the clothes were too small so Zoe decided that she should have them instead and the doll that came with them. Look how pleased she looks.But look how lovely my new coat, hat and scarf look. The hat is a bit small but the rest fits perfectly.
So today I have learned to say Thanks Auntie Lynne - you are so kind.
And Claire managed to rescue me a necklace and handbag from Zoe's new toys.
I put them on and went outside in what is left of the snow and was lovely and warm in my coat.


  1. Wow, lovely new clothes for you, look so smart! And you must feel so cosy warm in them! Wish I could change my clothes!

  2. What a lovely new coat and the pink trim matches you perfectly. So glad you are warm now.

  3. Don't you look snug and warm in that outfit

  4. Oh Pamela my lovely you look so warm and snug ! Sorry those disco clothes I choose in Sainsbury didn't fit you, I was hoping to see you wearing some of them, but glad Zoe liked them,
    your friend and admirer Clemmie xxxx

  5. Great Pamela you have now got some designer label clothes, Aunty Lynne is an amazing lady.
    Clemmie is lucky to have her looking after him.
    You do look rather fetching in that outfit.

  6. Wow, Pamela, you look hot!

  7. Hey hey hey, look at you! Lynne is very clever, it all looks fab, and I agree the pink really suits you. Love Monkey x

  8. Wow Pamela you are a lucky girl aren't you you look super in your new togs!