Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Happy again!

After being so upset about the letter from Jeffery, I feel so happy to know that I have lovely friends who are there to help and support me. I have never met any of these guys but they are so supportive and give such wonderful advice to me in my hour of need. Clemmie, who has the most gorgeous eyes, even has a photo of me beside him. This could be the start of something beautiful I think.
So I have asked Claire to get me a photo of Clemmie.
Mind you I quite like the look and sound of Bongo - he has a great sense of humour and is a bit on the wild side.
Oh decisions, decisions...


  1. I think you are very wise Pamela, keep you options open and dont be dictated to by Jeffrey. You are your own free spirit and can make your own decisions. You have lots of lovely friends that will advise and help you and also take care of you. Huggles Koala xx

  2. You could loose yourself in Clemmie's soulful eye's Pamela, he does look and sound like a cutie.
    Also reading all the comments from our Cyber mates I reckon we are mixng with a great crowd.
    Good to see you are moving on from that Jeffery bloke at last!!!!
    Don't commit to another relationship too quickly after all you are young gorgeous and so cute in that rock chic ouitfit. As for me being a bit on the wild side you are quite right. Wild is my middle name, well when I am not being called Oprah.LOL (I learnt the LOL from Clemmie)
    Fun is what I am here to enjoy and if you want to join in with that fun then feel free Babe.
    Love as always
    Ps. I reckon I look pretty cute in that photo too, glad you got Claire to print it out for you.

  3. Hey Pamela, how about a handsome, modest Hedgie? No, on second thoughts I'd rather just stay as a good friend, we could hang out together and have fun, lots of partying! And I'm nice and warm to snuggle up to in my cosy nest! Have to keep that one quiet from Nana though!And Claire, they might want to join us all! Hedgie x

  4. Yet more decisions Pamela? Think you just need to chill and relax for a few days.

  5. My Darling Pamela,
    I could not believe my eyes tonight when I saw that you now have a photo of me. I really don't mind sharing with Bongo in your thoughts as he is such a jolly fellow and seems full of fun. Your Clemmie xx