Monday, 1 February 2010

Are they kind and attentive at all times?

Mmmm now that is a good question. They are kind - James was quite happy to share his cup of tea with me, but I wouldn't say they were exactly attentive at all times. I can be left for quite long periods of time - sometimes that is nice as I can relax and do things that I want to do, but sometimes it can be a bit boring. It has given me time to think about my "Jeffery" situation. This is the letter that I gave him today:
Dear Jeffery
I have thought long and hard about your marriage proposal and have come up with my answer. Your text on Friday really confirmed my decision. You were upset seeing Daisy snogging Big Bird on Alli's desk, but if you didn't care for her, then this wouldn't have affected her.
Daisy is the mother of your children and so you will always have that bond with her - a bond much stronger than ours. I cannot risk that you will not chose her over me once again in the future. I love you very much but you hurt me so much when you left me last time that I am not willing to risk that pain all over again. So my answer has to be no.
I am going to take this coming year to live my life to the full, go and meet new friends and experience lots of different things. This is too big an opportunity to miss out on. If you are still young, free and single at the end of this year, maybe we could have dinner and see where it leads.
Love Pamela x


  1. I am a very happy Bongo tonight.
    You have certainly made, the right decision Pamela.
    Not too sure about you meeting up with Jeffery at the end of the year though.
    Hopefully you will have forgotten him by then and will have met the man of your dreams.

  2. So glad you said NO Pamela. Have a fun year.

  3. You will have a great year I am sure and much better for being jeffery free.

  4. Pamela, a wise decision methinks! Go out and have fun, bet you'll have forgotten all about him by the end of the year!
    Love all your goings on! Luv Hedgie x

  5. Yippe and yippe again my darling Pamela, what a wonderful year we will have with all our toy friends :)
    Perhaps we could have a toy retreat? Though I am not sure that DIY scrapping is my scene LOL!!
    Any way my darling have to go and have a snooze and see if I can spy on Lynne and Peter tomorrow and see what they get up to when they think Know one can see them LOL
    All my love Clemmie xx

  6. Well said Pamela hope you have a brill year! Curly xx

  7. Pamela you will have a fantastic year, enjoy it.

    Hope to see you IRL at Make-IT.

    Love Koala xx