Friday, 29 January 2010

My first text

Well yesterday I got my very first text message and it was from Jeffery and it had a picture attached to it. I am not really into technology so I got Claire to show it to me.
This is what the message said:
"To my dear Pamela
Opened my eyes this mornin and this is wot i saw...! This must be wot it feels like 2 be hurt, i am so sorry if ive ever hurt u, i can now understand why u havent given me an answer yet ut i want u 2 know i love u wiv all my bendy heart!! Love from ur tux tease xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Here is the photo - it is Daisy his wife with another toy from Alli's desk.
This has helped me reach my decision but I can't say what it is on here yet as I need to tell Jeffery the answer first on Monday.


  1. Well what goes around comes around, it is about time jeffery got to know what it feels like to be let down.
    I hope he finds out what it feels like to be disappointed again on Monday!

  2. Whoops forgot to leave you some kisses.

  3. PAMELA stop all this nonsense, it is making me feel poorly :(
    Please be sensible and stop beeing gullible, think of 2010 as an independent gal!
    love in haste Clemmie xxx