Monday, 4 January 2010

I knew I could still turn his head!!!

Well today I went into work with Claire. On the one hand I dreaded going as I really did not want to end up forgotten on her desk like I did all last year, but on the other hand I wanted to show off my new look to Jeffery.
Wowser was he surprised!!!!
Whilst I was over admiring Darina's orchids on the window sill, I thought I heard a movement, and there lurking behind a plant pot was Jeffery, watching me! I could tell by the look on his face that he was surprised to see me and he was looking really wistful at me. Ha and the saddo is still wearing Post It Notes!!!
Well as I said the other day, he dumped me and it is his loss! I am moving on!!!

I felt like a celebrity in the office as Claire explained to her colleagues what was happening to me over the next year!



  1. Jeffery is looking a bit green about the gills. Bet he wished he hadn't dumped you now.

  2. You show him girl!
    Bet he is kicking himself now.

  3. Good for you Pamela... you show him what he is missing!

  4. OMG I hadn't read this when Clemmie did his blog, so Jeffrey was really there LOL.
    And now Peter def thinks I am bonkers as I sit laughing...bring on 2010 LOL!!

  5. You go girl, you show them - LOL!!!!