Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Making a stand

Well today, you would have been proud of me. It actually started to snow and so I was looking out of the window again at Claire's work. Secretly I knew there would be a chance of Jeffery coming back again so I hung around for as long as I could.
And sure enough the little yellow loser sidled up to and started whining about his wife, who apparently doesn't understand him and whinging about his kids who are always nagging at him to play with them. He was really trying to lay it on thick to make me feel sorry for him and I suspect to try and get another snog out of me.
So I let him come in close and just as he was about to try and kiss me again - WHACK - I slapped him really hard around the face and told him where to go!
That should be the end of him. I took all your advice thanks ladies and have kicked him into touch. My life is about to get exciting and I do not need that loser hanging round my neck.


  1. Pamela Clemmie is so proud of you and I have promised him we will walk...[somehow] to the PO and post the things I have made for you tomorrow

  2. So proud of you, Pamela! Go for it, girl.

  3. Good for you Pamela, don't need a loser in your life! Hedgie x

  4. Go for it girlie! You are so much better off without him!

  5. Way to go Pamelo!! You should have knee'd him one in the goooooooooo ....... anyway, you are worth so much more girlfriend!