Saturday, 23 January 2010

What do I wish I was doing right now

The last of Debbie's prompts for the week is what do I wish I was doing right now. Well it has rained all week and has been miserable, so I wish that I have passed my driving test and am out on the open highway with the wind in my hair on a hot sunny day - maybe with the love of my life sitting beside me.


  1. Pamela that car really suits you, I bet I would look good sitting in the passenger seat.

  2. Bongo I think I would look even better than you sitting next to Pamela BUT I think we both have a bit of a problem....we need a bigger car.
    Pamela, I think Zac could help me with this?
    Cheerio for now, and sending you lots of love. your Clemmie xxx

  3. Pamela you have to rememeber to concentrate when you are at the wheel!!

  4. Love that blue sky. Hope you pass your test soon. Have you done the written test yet?xDuckie

  5. Pamela you look fab in that car but there doesn't look like there is too much room for any one else. Where abouts would you like to be driving?