Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hello can you hear me?

Hello... ... I hope you can hear me!
Today's prompt is what has surprised you. Well today I am surprised and shocked that I have not been allowed out of this flippin' bag all day. Claire has been busy either cooking (and I am not going in that kitchen again - no way) or she has been crafting and so has totally ignored me all day.
She is just doing a roast dinner so I have quickly sneaked onto the computer to type this - good job the bag is quite flexible as I can just about type through it.
Hoping for a better day tomorrow.


  1. I can just about hear you Pamela.
    That has surpried me too, I did not realise you can get bags you can see through!!!
    I spend half my life in the dark ATM and I am not happy.
    I will have to investigate further!

    Having said that I am also surprised that Claire has not let you out the bag all day.
    I don't blame you for not wanting to go into the kitchen again but I think you could have had some great fun in Claire's craft room.

    I hope tomrrow will be a better day for you.

  2. Sory abot the smelling I am havin troubel ATM

  3. It's quite a nice bag, as far as bags go... but not a lot of privacy is there? Hope Claire lets you out tomorrow! Monkey x

  4. Oh Pamela, poor you but at least you can see and type through the bag must be good.
    I've been in bed most of the day, Mary has ignored me again in preference to her grandson.
    still I have snuck on here to leave all my friends a comment.
    Lots of Love Bungly

  5. I too didn't know you can get see through bags, have to have words with Nana as I am either stuffed in her pocket or in a bag! Feel very sorry that you have been so neglected all day, sending you some Hedgie huggles, no, don't back off, I am not prickly at all! Hedgie x

  6. Hi Pamela my lovely, think it is my fault cos I sent you that bag!! In case other ladies want to get dear friends one those bags , they will have to ask Lynne. I think they came with clothes, the idea was that you Pamela could keep your clothes in the bag, not be put in it LOL!!
    I am surprised too that Claire did that, maybe she had birthdays on her mind?
    All my love Clemmie xxxxx

  7. My goodness Pamela I'm surprised too -hope you don't suffocate in there. I wish you all the best for tomorrow and hope you get let out soon.

  8. Atleast you can see everything that is going on Pamela, I here some of the toys are being put into drawers, that wouldnt be very nice.

    I hope you have a better day tomorrow, Love Koala x

  9. Oh hun how awful for you hun! I hope you get out of there really soon. Huggles love Curly.