Saturday, 6 February 2010

If you were to get a job what would your ideal one be?

This week's prompts have been set by Curly and her first question is a good one I think. Until today I never wanted a job as I think life would be much more fun if no-one had to go to "stinky" work as Claire calls it. But I went to 5 year old's birthday party today with Zoe and decided that I would love to be a world class gymnastic - not exactly a job but it would keep me very busy. The party was in a sports hall and there was lots of gym equipment - beams, vaults, jump mats etc. After all the kids had gone I had a good play.
Curly's second question was "If I were still at school, what would my first choice option be?". Well I never went to school but I want to be a gymnastic then my answer would have to be PE wouldn't it? I wonder if Claire can find me a nice leotard so I can do some more practising.


  1. Wow Pamela that is sooooooooooo clever!
    I wish I had legs :( it would be lovely to see you in a leotard and see those lovely slim legs :)
    youf Clemmie xx
    Curly is just going to be a good pal, so don't worry xxx

  2. OOOH Pamela I can just see you as a gymnast hun I think you'd be really good as your soooo bendy! Too true too P.E. would be a very important choice for you. Thanks Curly xxxx

  3. Pamela I think you could be a good gymnast but I definitely think you need a sparkly leotard.

  4. I'm not sure Clemmie could cope with the excitement of a sparkly leotard to be honest LOL. Being a gymnast would be a great job for you tho Pamela, you do have the bendiness for it. Monkey x

  5. Think you've found your dream "job", enjoy! Luv Hedgie x

  6. WOW Pamela you should try for the Olmypics in 2012. I am sure you would be chosen.