Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Meet someone new today

I should have posted this last night but I was too tired. Whilst investigating around the office, I found that Claire has a new friend. This little waving chap now sits on top of her monitor, so we have a quick photo together.
Than I found this odd looking chap - he didn't say much.


  1. Pamela Marvin does look rather strange doesn't he but the giraffe looks rather sweet and very relaxed sitting on top of Claire's monitor. Does Claire talk to him a lot?
    It is lovely making new friends isn't it.

  2. Pamela what a lot of new peeps at the office, hope that Jeffrey wasn't around?
    love Lynne x

  3. These work places can be quite good fun to meet new people can't they. Marvin does look a bit odd, but I like the waving giraffe. Monkey x

  4. OOOH what a lovely trip you've had meeting new pal's is great isn't it! They both look fun, hope you enjoy the rest of the week, hugs Curly xxx.