Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Do they share everything with you?

Yes Claire is very sharing. She has been busy in her craft room tonight and she let me help her do a layout for the 52 in 10 project. I stuck all the gems round the circle and I got to jump up down on her favourite Martha Stewart punch to make the holes in the pink card. Have to go and have a sit down now as my feet are aching.


  1. That sounds more like slave labour than sharing to me! Hope your feet recover! Luv Hedgie x

  2. WOW Pamela what a lovely job you and Claire have made of that beautiful layout. :o)
    Hopr your toes aren't too sore!

  3. My Darling you must be exhausted but VERY STRONG? have you got cream for your feet? lynne puts cream on her shin every night and says it helps
    My love
    Clemmie xxxx

  4. You certainly did a fantastic job of helping Claire with that LO Pamela. Shame about your feet, but I bet all that jumping was fun. Monkey x