Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Do they always remember to take me out with them?

No I do not get taken out all of the time.
Mind you Claire has such a boring life, I can't expect to get out much. If I go to work with her, then the risk of bumping into Jeffery is very high and so I tend to stay at home - I do not want to get myself into that particular pot of trouble again!
Other than work, she is at home, mostly in that flipping craft room or hoovering. James says she is OCD about cleanliness.
So Claire has a boring life, so that means that I have a boring life!!!


  1. Poor Pamela, maybe when the weather is better Claire will take you out more, then you might meet a nice man! Luv Hedgie x

  2. Pamela I like a boring life myself, it is peaceful and no one bothers me.Your home looks really exciting to me :)
    All my love Clemmie xx

  3. Pamela it looks as though you are having the life of Riley sitting there with your feet up.
    Think you need a bit of a quiet life for a few days after all the emotional trauma you have had.

  4. Oh Pamela what are you like! You have that lovely home and you're sounding a touch ungrateful there aren't you hun??? I really hope you get to do something really exciting though as after all your heartache you deserve a good time. Hugs Curly x

  5. Pamela sitting around and enjoying a lovely home is much better than being stuffed in a plastic bag when you go out believe me!