Friday, 12 February 2010

Invite 5 guests to a dinner party

I am going to bend the rules slightly here and have 6 people to my dinner party. I would have more but it appears some toys aren't playing along with the challenge anymore. So here's who I would invite and why (I have chosen my fave photos of them too):
- Bongo - because he is so funny and I think he would be good fun at the dinner table
- Clemmie - because he is so sweet and caring and I want to give him a cuddle

- Curly - as there aren't many girls doing this challenge and us sistahs have to keep it real!

- Monkey - as we always bananas in our fruit bowl so I know he wouldn't go hungry

- Duckie - because he started this challenge and so we have alot to thank him for

- Hedgie - hopefully he is still playing and hasn't hibernated. He was the first original toy as again he is a major part of the challenge.


  1. Can't wait, will there be chocolate pudding?

  2. Thank you Pamela for inviting me. I do love a dinner party. Quack quack.

  3. I'd love to come to dinner. I'll bring the bombay mix for Claire and swap you for bananas! Monkey x

  4. OOOh sistah I sooooo agree, give me five an all that jazz. Tee hee I'd love to come to dinner please. Glad you enjoyed my prompts and thanks everso for answering them for me. Hugs Curly xxx