Sunday, 14 February 2010

Colours by Clemmie

This week's prompts were set by Clemmie and Lynne.
What colour am I?
I am pink and proud of it!

What is my favourite colour?
Well it has to be pink doesn't it - especially today as it is associated with LURVE!!!
What is colour do I hate?
It has to be yellow as it reminds me of that dirty love rat!! But then again Duckie is yellow and he is lovely so maybe I could learn to love it again.


  1. Oh you're pink too how fab is that that's you me and Duckie!! Hugs shame about the yellow though as I agree with your reason but I normally think it's bright and sunny. Curly xx

  2. All these pink peeps!
    I love yellow, not sure what Clemmie thinks but he likes Duckie so I think he would likr that colour
    Sorry Pamela has left you on your own this weekend, perhaps you could come for a visit to the seaside in the summer and you could get a bikini and tan that pink body of yours?
    love Lynne xx

  3. Pink is a perfect colour for a girl, and you really suit it. I love yellow too, and not just for the reason you think! Monkey x

  4. I know that you are gorgeous Pamela and pink is so your colour but I am having a bit of a dilemma with pink ATM.
    I have to wear it most days when I get ready for bed and it is just not me.
    I really really wish Shirley would get me a new dressing gown!

  5. I can understand why you might not like yellow Pamela. Pink is my favourite.