Saturday, 20 February 2010

S is for Scrapping

Zoe is poorly so we are on house arrest and so I am helping Claire to do some scrapping! God knows she needs some direction.


  1. Oh Pamela how clever you are! Lynne wanted me to scrap today but sleep was my priority though Florrie kept annoying me LOL
    perhaps I may help with scrapping tomorrow as That is all Lynne seems to be doing since I came home (and going out LOL!!)

    Take care my darling, will meet you one Ally Pally? whatever that is???
    My love Clemmie xx

  2. That looks like fun Pamela my mum has one of those toys you're standing on is it easy to use? Curlyxxx

  3. Pamela I hope Claire appreciates all that help you are giving her.
    Poor Zoe being unwell, I expect you are helping nurse her back to health.
    You are so kind and helpful in your new home.