Sunday, 14 March 2010

Monkey's Prompts Part 1

This the prompts have been set by Monkey and I am pleased to say that they are much easier than Bongo's.

"There are signs of Spring starting to show, go outside and see what you can see"
Opposite our house is a field and in front is a verge and there is a big clump of Snowdrops. Claire keeps on about how lovely they are so she dragged me out in the cold, with no coat on, to do a quick photoshoot.
"No week is complete without a bit of extreme sporting. Try something extreme today and tell me how you got on - it might give me some new ideas to try!"
Today was so lovely that it was decided that we go down to the seaside and walk along the seafront from Shore Road at Sandbanks to Branksome Chine. Zoe was on her bike and I sneaked a ride. It is quite an extreme sport and she is lethal. She goes so fast and doesn't look where she is going.


  1. Sorry you had to get all cold getting the snowdrops photo Pamela, but they do look lovely. And well done on the extreme sports... Zoe looks like she is a speed queen lol. Monkey x

  2. Loved the snowdrops but that bike looks pretty extreme.

  3. Oh gosh Pamela I think those snowdrops look lovely but they must have been a bit chilly on your middle? Plus the bike ride looks really good fun, did you enjoy it really?

  4. You might have been a bit chilly in amongst those snowdrops but look pretty hot to me Pamela.
    Well done for taking that big risk on the bike, Zoe looks like she is a bit of a racer chick.

  5. Hi Pamela, see you are still living life on the edge, but looks like you enjoy it! Any word on your love life? Luv Hedgie x