Friday, 26 March 2010

Duckie's posts - Gardening related

Every garden may have some weeds.
The garden in our new house has been pretty neglected over the years, but I found these pretty little weeds today.
Let's get down and dirty.
Oooh look what I found when I was snooping round the garden - yeuch!!! And we don't even have a dog.
Scatter seeds of happiness.
Zoe insisted on buying some seeds the other day as she wants to grow some flowers - mind you they haven't been planted yet.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
Look at these tiny little daffodils. I am not very tall but even sitting down, I am much bigger than them. Aren't they cute?
You should compost because a rind is a terrible thing to waste.
James has been cutting back some of the bushes and stuff and has made a big pile of it all. But I found this big bin behind it which I presume is a compost bin. Trouble is there was so many cuttings in front that I couldn't get near it to see what it was like inside. Another left over from the previous owners.
I never promised you a rose garden.
Claire assures me that this is a rose bush - I will wait and see!
There is never enough thyme.
We are not ones to grow our own herbs so I had to have a scrummage through the food cupboards and this is the closest thing I could find.


  1. LOL at the dog bin! Cute daff and I'm sure Zoe does a great job of growing those seeds. Probably best to steer clear of that compost bin, bet it has been stewing for a while - yuk. Monkey x

  2. Those pretty weeds look a lot like violets to me Pamela. Ours haven't come out yet. Probably lots of lovely compost in that bin if you could get to it.Thank you for doing my prompts - glad you got out in the garden.

  3. Pamela you must have a really big and exciting garden, you seem to have discoverd all sorts of things this week!!!
    Not sure about that bin thing though, don't lift the lid as you never know what could be lurking inside.

  4. Wow Pamela dig those sandals of yours and like the new outfit too...rather revealing LOL!!

    Your garden looks very much like ours, nothing much growing except weeds and overgrown bushes and a rose plant with no roses LOL!

    love uou lots, clemmie xx

  5. Oh Pamela, would have thought you are too much of a girly girl to be out in the garden, unless it is in your bikini, lying on the sun lounger! Luv Hedgie x