Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hedgie's prompts

I am being very good and getting ahead of myself. Here are all of Hedgie's prompts:

Favourite TV Programme
My fave TV programme is FiFi and the Flowertots. Zoe loves watching it too. I love it because it is so bright and colourful and happy.
Favourite Cartoon Character
This is an easy one - I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I would love to go to Disneyland and I know so would Zoe, but Claire says it is very expensive! What a misery she is!!!
Favourite sport to watch
Rugby - I love watching those big muscly men running around in their tight shorts and Johnny Wilkinson is to die for.
Favourite sport to play
I love to rollerskate - it is such fun and good exercise too. It is how I stay so trim.
Carer's sport
Claire is into some weight loss thing and seems to exercising all the time - hence why I am being so neglected! Here are her new running trainers.
I could quite go off Hedgie. We found a boat and Claire thought I could sail round the bird bath but the minute she put me on the water I started to sink - do you know how cold that water is. If I get a cold, then I will blame Hedgie!!!
Easter Egg
I love chocolate and I was given this egg by Zoe after she did her Easter Egg hunt - isn't she kind?


  1. I'll have to take your word for it about that Johny guy - he does float my boat... but then it looks like your boat doens't float either LOL. Hope Claire got you dry and warm quickly after that little incident. Monkey x

  2. OOOH Pamela I hope you don't get a cold hun! Great piccys though. Curly xxx

  3. Hey Pamela, you can't have Johnny Wilkinson, he's already taken by my Aunty Rachel, sorry! And sorry you got wet when your boat capsized, I'd have given you a cuddle if I'd been there! Luv Hedgie x